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wp-like ease of use for non-coders (and a thank you)

  • adammann33


    Hi all,

    First off, I’d like to say wow, this stuff is awesome! Thank you for the effort that has gone into it.

    I’d also like to pat myself on the back for having done two successful install/integrations of bbp and wp by following the integration screencast. Both have worked very well — I did have to use the fix admin login plugin on one, but it has worked since. The trick for a non-coder like me is to have the screencast in a separate window and pause it at every step.

    For the site in my profile, , I’m using the tarski theme on the wordpress side, and the matching geneologies theme on the bbpress side. The two look fantastic together!

    So my question is this: what’s the most effective way for me to get the knowledge/skills I need to pimp out my bbpress site like I did with my wp site as a non-coder? I’m not lazy — it just seems like I’m missing some basic information like how to get link into the bp sidebar with a widget as in wp.

    As a bottom line, is there a suite of plug ins that gives the an approximation of the intuitive interface of the WP admin area? Or do I (gulp) need to go back to school and get a computer science degree? Somewhere in between? It seems like given the hand holding from the screencast that there must be other handholding that I’m not finding for the other basic stuff.

    So two of the basic hand holdy questions: how do I put a link from my forum back to my wp blog? And how do a put an image in the header of the forum to match that of the wp blog?

    ps — I just posted this a few minutes ago, then realized I needed to edit a typo, so I hit the edit button and when I tried to save, it saved as a blank post?

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