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WP integration: one database or separate?

  • I need to make bbPress forum to one WordPress installation and I want to ask other users what is in their opinion better solution for bbPress’ database: should it have separate database or to use existing database of WordPress?

    Untill now, I used separate databases, but I found one reason for using only one database: WP plugins for automatic backup of database could then backup bbPress’ tables too. I don’t know for any similar plugin for bbPress.

    Your experiences?

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  • zaerl


    Actually I use bbPress and WordPress on the same database on two of mine BBSs and one in separate databases. I found that the first solution is way better.

    1) you can backup easily, as you said

    2) you can access everything with just one phpmyadmin session

    3) moving and restoring is simpler

    4) using automatic db tools is simpler

    5) import/export is simpler

    6) database-wide operations (table analyze/control/optimization/repair) is simpler

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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