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WP Integration Causes wp_list_pages to Freak Out

  • I’m trying to be fairly aggressive with my bbPress integration into some WordPress pages. Our client wishes to see recent forum posts on specific subpages of the main site (which is WP). This works fine if I include bb-load in my wp-config.php file (as I’ve seen recommended) and then use some of the useful bbpress functions to integrate content. It works, that is, on the SUBPAGES.

    Strangely, however, the site’s landing page blows up. It’s using the exact same header as the rest of the site’s subpages, and is not using any of bbpress’ functions itself (just includes the bb-load.php file because it’s in wp-config.php), but the same wp_list_pages function call in the header (used for navigation) that works just fine for the subpages gives me an infinite loop of this error on the landing page:

    Warning: illegal offset type in [my-server-path-removed-here]/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 252

    Removing bb-load.php from the wp-config.php file fixes this immediately.

    Note that I am using WP configured to use a STATIC page for the landing page. Both the home page template and the subpage template in question immediately call get_header(). Nothing happens before that.

    For now what I figure I’ll do is remove bb-load.php from the wp-config.php file and just include it exclusively in the subpage template I’m using for the pages I need forum stuff to show up.

    I googled and haven’t seen anything like the problem I’m having anywhere else. I kind of think it might be something getting upset during the walker class’ traversal. Anyone got any bright ideas?

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  • _ck_


    You’d probably want to try running stand-alone but integrated instead of running both of them at the same time. Loading both at the same time causes nothing but problems and slow downs from all the extra code.

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