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WP integration breaking bb-admin

  • I have setup a WordPress blog and a bbPress forum, installed setCookie plugin to WordPress and added $bb->usercookie, $bb->passcookies, $bb->cookiedomain and $bb->cookiepath preferences correctly (I assume) to config.php of the bbPress intallation.

    Logging in and out works great, I can login from either WordPress or bbPress and it would login to both sites. But once I login, I cannot do any administrative changes (delete/modify posts) or even go to /bb-admin. Trying to delete a post will give me an error saying I don’t have enough priviliges, and going to bb-admin will just redirect me to homepage. (And my user level is key-master.)

    But once I comment out the cookie info from the configuration file, it works as it’s supposed to.

    Any ideas how I can fix this?

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  • I realized that I entered the address of my WP blog wrong (included www.), corrected that, removed bb->usercookie and bb->passcookie, and it worked.

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