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WP cookies and user_login/user_nicename

  • Greg



    My problem is that only users without caps in “user_login” can post to the forum.

    The first sign of the problem after pressing “Submit” is in “validate_auth_cookie()” in “class.wp-auth.php” (via “bb-auth()” in “bb-posts.php”).

    Specifically, the call to “get_user()” around line 77 is returning false, exiting at line 288 in “class.wp-users.php” .

    To cover some of the obvious questions:

    – I have flushed cookies and tried this on multiple browsers

    – I have inserted the lines into bb-config.php that were suggested by the WP bbPress integration plugin

    – I have all the secret keys defined on both sides

    – I have “define(‘WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION’, 1);” in bb-config.php

    – I am using deep integration, but get the same result without it

    – I get the same result with the standard bbPress theme

    UPDATE: it really is about the caps. For user_nicename “reboot”…

    – user_login = rebootzzz CAN post

    – user_login = rebootZZZ can NOT post

    – user_login = Reboot can NOT post

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