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WP + bbP + Custom accounts

  • I am looking forward to design my college website with WordPress as CMS and bbPress for forums. The fact that they can be integrated is superb as it solves one of my purpose of only allowing registered users to comment (having the same username and password throughout the site) but I am also in need of providing user accounts to students and faculty members. I was wondering if WP or bbP can be moded or there is any plugin that can add additional functionality to user accounts. If not how can i retrieve the username & passwords from bbP database? Any workaround will also do.

    Waiting for your replies!

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  • Hi, You should be looking into (Multi User) and for (Social Networking). They have all that you have in mind and much more. Good luck and please keep in touch – this way I may help you and learn more myself. Good luck.


    I just need a CMS and forum functionality with possible solution for added accounts where they can have access to certain content like download links and I want the login credentials to be same throughout the site. This way I will make everybody a account and they will then need to login into the account even for posting comments.

    Either I use some plugin (if it exists) or write my own code that can use the same username and password from the WP or bbPress database. I think that is pretty much feasible but I am concern about the security as I am not an advanced user.

    Please guide in some direction.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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