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WP 3.2, buddyPress and bbPress 2.0 as a plugin – how to OVERRIDE default theme?

  • hi

    i have searched the forums for a solution, but havent found anything relevant.

    anyway, i am developing a custom theme for WordPress + buddyPress. lets call it My Awesome Template.

    all the theme’s files are in wp-content/themes/awesome.

    there, ive got my own style.css and functions.css. in style.css i have defined Template: bp-default, and as i am creating a child theme for buddyPress with a few overrides.

    now, i want to work the same way with bbPress. i cant copy over the contents of bbp-twentyten into My Awesome Template folder (wp-content/awesome/), because this overwrites my own functions.php and style.css.

    i want to overwrite only certain files, so for example i want to change the main forums index and topics list.

    in my perfect world i would do it like this:

    add_theme_support (bbpress)

    and then i would just create two files: bbpress-forums.php and bbpress-topics.php and then id put there my own html.

    is this possible? if im not able to choose my own filenames, then please tell me which files to copy where EXACTLY.


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  • phew, i meant functions.php :)



    You are correct, do not bring over the functions.php and style.css files when using your own custom theme.

    To handle this issue simply copy the information from the bbpress functions file and add it to your theme functions file. You can do the same for buddypress.

    *It is actually better to simply rename the bbpress functions file and then use an include in your theme functions file. Helps to keep things clean

    For the css, I would rename the file and enqueue it in your functions file.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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