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wp 2.7 and bbpress can’t see admin screen anymore in wp

  • Hello I have installed bbpress and gone for full integration however had some issues, first the wp-config files had some lines changed and all of a sudden some code appeared on the home page. I have fixed that however my home page is no longer being used and it just directs to the blog straight away. another more important problem i am having is that i have completely lost access to the wp-admin area. i can view the login page and after that all disappears!

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  • After doing some reading I am going to assume someone is going to tell me to use the alpha 6 version of bbpress? Would it be wise for me to do the whole setup from scratch, re-uploading wordpress and then testing bbpress again?

    I fixed it, turns out i had not updated my config file from my wordpress upgrade so i was using an old config file, when changing i just edited the file and added the secret key setting and it seems to be working great with 0.9

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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