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WP 2.7.1 and bbPress 0.9

  • I tried integrating them but messed up a lot. So trying a different approach what I want to achieve in my project.

    I need WP as CMS, bbPress as forum script and custom php code which will create a member’s area. I want site-wide login sync.

    Tried _ck_’s plugin but can’t make it to working even after using 0.0.3 version and I dont want to use Ann’s method of downgrading cookie of what WP 2.7.1 uses. Just because this project won’t be under me for long, so will opt a method which is more future proof. So I am thinking of directing all the login requests of WP & bbPress to my custom login page which will be the only means of login & logout on the site. I want to use plugins for both WP & bbPress so as to maintain future compatibility. I can always update those custom codes or can i have a plugin for that too.

    I may be running wild here but it seems quite easily feasible too.

    Waiting for your suggestions!

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Hi Ashfame,

    First: i feel your pain in integrating WP2.7.1 and 0.9, i’m sure alot of us do – that said though, it’s definitely possible.

    Second: it’s definitely possible to achieve site wide login using either _ck_ or Ann’s plugins. Without a doubt using _ck_’s is far easier, as Ann’s comes with no documentation and there are steps required that no-one’s written out. It took me about an hour of searching and playing with Ann’s to get it to work, but once it did, it worked brilliantly.

    Basically follow the steps given on the 3rd page of the integration forum posts (hey dont expect documentation for something a sought after as this to be on an actual page – like the integration one – or even at the start of a post so it’s easily found). Then add in

    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

    define(‘SITECOOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);

    to both the WP and BB configs. Obviously you can change the values.

    The other thing that really helped me, after alot of trial and error, was to set up WordPress first. Activate Ann’s plugin. It then automatically boots you our of the WP admin area. you have to go to/wp-login.php?action=logout and then entirely clear your cache and cookies.

    Then re-log in. The cookie WP sets will now be recognisable.

    Install BB AFTER this step to make life alot easier; as bbpress will recognise the admin cookie right form the word go :)

    Third: Ann’s method overwrites the ‘new’ wordpress cookie method, so the theory is that it’s future proof. at least throughout this WP2.7 branch. The bad news is, according to an automattic post i read yesterday, that the OpenID integration in WP2.8 may require a rewrite of all authentication in WordPress. If this happens then there is a good chance that all authentication in Automattic systems will have tot change, there’s just no way of future proofing against a company wide re-write. But if that doesn’t happen, then Ann’s plugin should work for a long time.

    Fourth: A the risk of reading form the _ck_ bible, there’s very little reason across the board to upgrade from WP2.5.1 to WP2.7.1 . There are no known security issues in 2.5.1. I’ve yet to come across a WP plugin that doesn’t work for 2.5.1, it’s a damn site easier to use, and it’s faster and more lightweight. Obviously, you may have different requirements that we don’t know about, but I would look long and hard at not using 2.7.1 if i were you.

    Good luck, Kev

    Hello Kevin!

    Thanks for your reply! :D

    I did a clean install of WP 2.7 and then I activated Ann’s plugin.

    Then I added the code those three lines in wp-config.php and lost access to dashboard.

    Redirect Loop

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

    * Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?

    * NOTE: If accepting the site’s cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer.

    I am currently testing on localhost (XAMPP). Any idea what is causing this loop? May be I need to edit those lines but I dont know how to.

    I had to delete the plugin from the plugin directory to access dashboard again.

    I would not think of going beyond WP 2.7 unless I am unable to achieve the sync. And regarding the Open ID integration, I would like to keep myself away from it as I need to allow only registered users to login.

    Finally got it working using _ck_’s plugin. Now I want the same login sync with my custom php pages. Any pointers regarding what I should be doing? I think I will need the code used in _ck_’s plugin and the bbPress core file. Am I right?

    A user registered with WP doesn’t get registered in bbPress. Is it like to be that only? I don’t need open registrations throughout the year but just fixed accounts for students. So I just want to allow the accounts to be integrated in some manner like WP & bbP uses the same table or the both wp_users & bb_users are in sync. How do I go about it?



    Hi Ashfame,

    Sorry to hear you had problems with my instructions, but i think i know the issue.

    You missed out one of the key steps i had mentioned.

    When you click to activate Ann’s plugin, you need to manually change your url to “/wp-login.php?action=logout”. this is because the url it tries to redirect you to is the one that shows ann’s plugin activated, but as you now have a different cookie than it recognises it puts you to the log in page, which puts you to the one that shows ann’s page plugin activated (and so the loop goes on).

    So as i said: “It then automatically boots you our of the WP admin area. you have to go to/wp-login.php?action=logout and then entirely clear your cache and cookies. Then re-log in. The cookie WP sets will now be recognisable.”

    I learnt the hard way that skipping steps (especially when there’s only 4 of them) makes it very difficult to work.

    That said, if you won’t ever need 1 single solitary wordpress function then _ck_’s plugin is definitely the way to go. It installed like a dream and is super easy. that said, i’ve installed Ann’s plugin on 4 site’s i’ve upgraded to WP 2.7.1 and it’s worked every time on them by using the above instructions (but you must change the url to /wp-login.php?action=logout and then clear your chache and cookies ).

    Good luck

    Hey Kevin!

    Thanks I got it working by using CK’s Fix Admin Access plugin and by specifying these two lines in bb-config.php :

    $bb->custom_user_table = ‘wp_users’;

    $bb->custom_user_meta_table = ‘wp_usermeta’;

    Things are working fine till now. I was lost at your instructions so I myself tried hit and trial method and finally got everything setup. Thanks for your help.

    The only thing that I am left in my project is to create custom member area for students & faculty members which require me to set and recognize the cookie exactly what is being used by WP & bbPress at the time. Can you help in this regard?

    Ashish Kumar (Ashfame)


    All done by now. Just wanted to share the upgrading instructions I wrote yesterday :



    ashfame, if you want, you can try my update to support WP 2.8.1 with bbPress 0.9

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