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Would someone convert Facebuddy Theme?

  • I´d like to know if there´s someone out there who have the knowledge and the time to convert the great “Facebuddy” theme by Buddydress.

    Not only me, thousands of users use this theme in their Blogs but the forums looks not similar.

    Please help us out in this!

    I talked to the creator of Buddydress who dont have the time and interesting to convert the theme to the most used WP Forumplatforms.

    Here is the theme (incl. Download):

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  • bruinfelix


    Currently i’am working on a own BuddyPress theme, based on the original theme provided by the BuddyPress developers. And yes, it will include a matching bbPress theme ;)

    Thats great to hear.

    I also love the original theme but selected the Facebuddy because it looks more professional.

    Maybe you try it out and use it too.

    Anyways, if you´d convert one of these themes you´d be my god :)



    I started with the ‘default’ buddypress theme, that comes with the package, as i may think it is more generic and easier to study on how things are done ;)

    And thats why i choose the ‘blue’ things .. ;)

    But, first thing first .. Just altering and tweaking the buddypress them a lot right now, and the next step whould be the bbpress theme, so it matches ;)



    I even have managed to insert the ‘buddypress admin-bar” (with some functionality, not all!) in my theme :-)

    So, it still has need some any further development ….



    facebuddy is a css make up ( so it’s not a new bp theme :) )

    it means integrating the default one, you’ll have facebuddy theme working :)



    I dont have facebuddy installed ;-)

    Has anybody found a solution to having a facebuddy-like theme for bbpress? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

    I can do it, Just need a site to work on.

    okay I got a site, give me a few days.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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