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Would copying the theme of be illegal?

  • Hello,

    Lets say you were making a bbpress, or another site, like a job board or a social networking site.

    If would it be ok if i used the same header/menu, and background?


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  • I think all bbPress themes are protected by GPL since they must call bbPress functions.

    By GPL, you can modify, redistribute, or even almost change nothing to re-release as long as you don’t claim yourself is the only one copyright holder if you are not. Just don’t replace “Copyright YEAR HOLDERS”, but append new one with your name. Moreover, If someone asks for the source, you have no reasons to refuse the request.

    PS. I am not sure I am totally correct.

    Sam Bauers


    I believe the theme for this forum is available for download somewhere, it might even be Trent’s theme?

    The GPL doesn’t work that way. The idea of “linking” is very compiler specific terminology, it doesn’t really apply to php scripts calling other php scripts.

    Changing GPL code is OK and you can’t be forced to redistribute it (hand over source), but if you do, the source must be made available and the licensing must remain the same GPL license.

    The forum theme I put up was also with permission of Matt himself before I even put it up for download ;)



    I would like to know if this still is in effect.

    1. In simple terms, can I use the BBpress theme ?

    2. Is it available for download like it is right now?



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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