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Would bbPress be a good fit for my clients needs?

  • Chad Williams


    My client already has a functioning news aggregation website, but no commenting is allowed. She’s wanting a private section where her readers can have private conversations that only they can see on certain topics or articles.

    Her request below. Any thoughts or other ideas are greatly appreciated.

    I’ve given enough thought to the idea of establishing an ‘Invitation Only’ comment section. Realizing comment sections on a blog are typically open to the public, I lack any and all desire to spend my day moderating nasty posters or blocking trolls etc. What I want to be able to achieve is a comment section that I don’t need to spend too much time managing but the blog benefits from. It’s the starting place, so to speak, to start building a community/readership to engage more with the blog, feature daily current political drama/events for folks to respond, and a place where the posters thoughts/comments remain private/behind a wall. No one but the posters and me see their comments.

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