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wordpress_sec not being created?

  • Running:

    WPMU + Latest RC of BBPress, User tables integrated, v1 of Integration Plug (on wp side) installed. Latest RC of bbpress was installed directory fresh but over an existing bbpress 9.x (latest stable) tables.

    Tests Passed:

    – Logging into each site individually works fine. Can’t log out without errors (understandably as there is a cookie issue see below).

    Tests Failed:

    – Log into bb-press via https

    – Log into wp blog.

    – Should go to Admin.


    – Stepped through to find wp was looking for “wordpress_sec_[long hash string]” cookie. Thinking it was ‘mal formed’ it redirects to the wp login.


    – Why would the “wordpress_sec” cookie not be created by bb_press?

    I will be stepping through the bbpress code but wanted to put a heads up in the forums if maybe someone already knows whats going on.

    Btw Is there a developer forum?

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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