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WordPress v3.4 not compatible with bbPress?

  • WordPress and bbPress are made by the same folks, as far as I understand, so while this sounds a bit odd to me it does appear to be the case… WordPress v3.4 and bbPress are not compatible. My site informed me of a WordPress Update today and I was like COOL… update that puppy! Now the Forums are gone and all I get is this lovely message…

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/bbp-includes/bbp-forum-template.php .

    I contacted my Hosting Provider and they said it basically means that part of bbPress is taking LONGER than 30 seconds to do… SOMETHING. I told them that’s ridiculous as my website doesn’t take 30 seconds to do ANYTHING. The guy said yeah, my guess would be that the NEW WordPress isn’t compatible with bbPress. I was a bit floored and I said, again, well that’s ALSO ridiculous as they are BOTH made by the same folks, surely they wouldn’t release an Update to WordPress that is going to render bbPress disabled. But surely enough that does appear to be the case…

    Is someone working on a resolve for this, I hope?


    Good in Today

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  • enderandrew


    I’m using them both together successfully. In fact, I’m using WP 3.4 and the SVN version of bbPress 2.1.

    There are a variety of reasons why a particular request might take 30+ seconds. It could be updating DB tables or making one-time changes to the site.

    Do you have access to server logs through your hosting company?

    Does not appear so, enderandrew. I have access to who’s visited the site type logs and some error stuff but the error stuff shows no issues. The guy told me basically what I typed in here. That part of bbPress was taking longer than 30 seconds to do… Something. Evidently they don’t know what either. All I know is I installed v3.4 of WordPress and bbPress no longer works… Just keeps giving this error. Not sure what to do.



    I also am having trouble only my situation is much different i also was happy to see an update with wordpress i have buddypress installed and bbpress i didn’t experience any problems whatsoever till i installed the latest wordpress i tried everything reinstalled bbpress then was told page did not exist so i did a complete fresh install now I’m trying to make some forum topics and the same thing all i see is the forum header

    Forum Topics Posts Freshness

    I wish there can be some solution to this problem like immediately i spent a month or so by myself putting this site together and having to reinstall do everything from scratch is really straining the hell out of me.



    Someone else is reporting the same behavior with bbPress 2.0 and WP 3.4. I’m running an unreleased version of bbPress 2.1 I grabbed from SVN. It is possible the behavior is fixed with the SVN version.

    You can uninstall bbPress by deleting the folder from wp-content/plugins to resolve the issue, or you can try the new version of bbPress from SVN. It isn’t a production release, so it may have bugs, but then again so does the version you’re running apparently.

    John James Jacoby


    Update to bbPress 2.0.3; should work just fine.



    lol thanks for the bbpress update bbpress didn’t think you’d let me down haha :)

    Andrew check your plugin updates 2.0.3 available for download :)

    just sad i have to redo my whole site again but i have a clearer mind and can control this I’m going to do all my test updates etc on a test install on my site.

    Thank you, John. It is, in-fact, corrected. I figured it was something small, that was likely overlooked. I truly appreciate the quick response, the Forums is like nearly the entire purpose of my BuddyPress install so without bbPress working neither was needed. But I had full faith in the Key Master, so much so in-fact, I took a nap while you fixed this. Hehe… No really, it had me so stressed sometimes a nap is the best medicine. Anyway, I’m sure you’re a busy guy so thanks again!


    If anyone has any other 3.4 issues feel free to post in :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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