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WordPress theme integrator plugin: Alpha launch

  • Ryan Hellyer


    Hi everyone,

    I’ve written a WordPress plugin which allows you to integrate your WordPress theme, widgets and many plugins into your bbPress theme. This is an alpha launch, so it’s probably buggy. Please file bug reports in the comments of the blog post please.

    This system DOES NOT require deep integration and does not suffer the performance hits that deep integration normally applies. This simply copies your HTML markup over after you set a bunch of things in each theme. If you don’t know how to do a 100% perfect integration of your theme already the old fashioned way (copying HTML and CSS across), this new system will not help you at all as you need to set that up already. Once it is setup however, the changes you make in your WordPress theme will be automagically applied to your bbPress site, along with changes such as plugins, widgets etc.

    I’m not providing free support for this. Doing these types of integrations is very time consuming and I can’t afford to spare that much time to help you all integrate your themes sorry. I am keen to see bug reports etc though and will try to get them sorted as soon as possible.

    The system works across a range of different softwares, not just bbPress. You can see a demo of it in my own support forum which uses SMF …

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  • Gautam



    Ryan Hellyer


    This is now been released as a beta and includes a lot of improvements.

    You can see another example of it in action on the GreekBerry forum (case study). It would be great to see an example of it in use with bbPress too :)


    I am interested in the details of its working. so how does it work?

    I am trying your plugin but the tutorial is worded for people who know what they are doing. Can you simplify it for us simpletons?

    Ryan Hellyer


    Sorry, haven’t checked back here until now.

    All it does is buffer the HTML output of sections of the WordPress theme and then create static files from it.

    That way you can grab the head section of your WordPress site (scripts and all) and dump it into another piece of software. This allows things like widget areas, plugin functionality etc. to be transferred across to the other software dynamically. If you alter a widget area on your WordPress powered site, that will be displayed automagically in the other software. The advantage of doing it this way is that you don’t have the negative impacts of bogging the server down as if you did it with deep integration with bbPress, plus it works with other software as well, not just bbPress/WordPress.

    This is the second complaint I’ve received about the instructions so I’ll try to improve them. I thought it was fairly straightforward though. I can’t think of an easier way to explain than how I did on the page, but I’ll do my best :) I’m quite busy right now so it may not be for a few weeks at least.

    From what I’ve heard, there may be an error in the instructions too so I’ll need to sort that out when I rewrite them (I think one of my function names my be incorrect in the instructions but don’t have time to deal with that right now).

    If you want I’ll allow you to test it on my site :D

    1. I can’t do it myself.

    2. Its good for testing, correct?

    Ryan Hellyer


    Yes it’s good for testing, that’s why it is released as a beta.

    It seems to be working fine on the one site I installed it on, but I guess I mucked up something in the instructions so I’ll need to sort that out – probably in a few weeks time.

    I’m having the same problem. I have nothing set other than the default settings. Nothing is being written to the uploads folder.

    Also: “Chunks of text to remove” boxes numbers keep increasing, it started with 3 boxes now it’s 11 boxes with nothing in them.

    I’m using Version 1.0.2 beta

    I added a specific page number and nothing.

    Then I visited the specific page then it started generating the code to the uploads folder.

    In the admin section and your screen-shot (×668.png) notice it doesn’t have “.html” after.

    <?php require( '/homepages/0/xxx/htdocs/xxx/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/pixopoint-theme-integrator/chunk1' ); ?>I added html and it’s working so far.

    I’m still going…

    Works good without deep integration, thank you.

    Ryan Hellyer


    Thanks for testing it. I’ll hopefully get back to this in a few weeks.

    Strange I didn’t notice that bug with .html being missing. I guess it was so obvious to me I just glanced over it.

    Great plugin, now I have to rethink my site about deep integration…(

    BTW you have two instructions:

    1. from


    Ryan Hellyer


    Yes, but the following is quite literal:

    This page is a work in progress. Please come back later for updated information.

    I haven’t updated it for the new version yet since it’s still in beta. Those instructions won’t work at all with the current version.

    I’ll add a note about that to save confusing people.




    I have the same proble as gerikg: the “Chunks of text to remove” boxes numbers keep increasing but no php-code is generated. As well no html-file or any files from pixopoint are generated in the Worpdress upload-folder.

    Any idea why?



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