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WordPress Theme Integration

  • I’m developing a WordPress Theme and I’d like it to work with BBPress too. My theme uses a function ( get_container(); ) to get all the information to go within the body. To change the content, within that container, for a particular page in WordPress, but leave the header, sidebars, and footer, I can reference a custom function to be added in there.

    So for BBPress, I would like to do the same thing. The get_container(); function will be called and it will get the custom function defined in each BBPress template file. The problem is, is that when I do this BBPress says I’m logged out and will not allow me to login, because it can’t find the forums. Why is this? I do get the header, sidebar, and footer defined in my get_container();. But for some reason the custom function that get the BBPress forum messes the variables for the forum.

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