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WordPress sharing bbpress plugin not working after upgrade

  • dss


    With both WP 2.3.3 and WP 2.5 under bbpress 8.3.X I was using the Wordspew plugin to present a shoutbox plugin on my front page of bbpress.

    It worked fine, and users who registered with my bbpress were included as wp users as well with the bbpress integration plugin.

    Once I upgraded to 9.0.1 the call to the script which presented the shoutbox simply didn’t work anymore.

    I poked around and tried to manually add the javascript and css calls in the template header, but nothing worked.

    I restored my database to the previous condition, re uploaded my files, and it’s working fine.

    I’m wondering what’s changed which would interfere with this simple procedure?

    To my mind, if it were an integration thing… then the shoutbox would appear, and new users would not be recognized. So they wouldn’t be able to post shouts.

    Instead, the get_jal_wordspew function simply doesn’t work.

    Any ideas how I could either get this working again with the new version and improved integration?

    Or perhaps port the wordspew plugin to become a bbpress plugin?

    It’s silly that a shoutbox is so important at the top of a message board… but people really love it.

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  • dss


    Problem solved.

    Turns out that I overlooked the part of the integration documentation which advises users to add the path to wp-blog-header.php

    In the upgrade, a new config.php is created, and naturally one needs to add this path again to the new document for them to work.

    Once you do it… it works! Yaaay.

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