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WordPress plugin integration tips

  • _ck_


    Just wanted to share that I’d had some success with integrating some simpler wordpress plugins into bbpress by creating some functions to mimic get_settings() and update_options()

    Since bbpress fortunately uses differently named functions for the same actions, I was able to make them point to the wordpress table instead of bbpress and fetch the proper options that the plugins were calling for.

    Not sure how useful this would be to anyone else and it’s not for novices since other little tweaks are usually necessary and admin menus are definitely not supported, but it’s nice to have the integration ability.

    ps. maybe we need a separate integration sub-forum

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  • An integration forum does sound pretty good.



    I’ve been studying to see if there’s anyway via plugins instead of hacking the code for both WP and BB to consolidate the common javascript routines they both use.

    Not only do they load half a dozen scripts at certain times, one of them, prototype.js is 50k in size. But they seem to be common for both.

    All we would need is choose a common script path.

    I guess it’s possible to

    remove_action(‘bb_head’, ‘bb_print_scripts’);

    and then plugin your own.

    But what kills me is bbPress doesn’t need ANY of those scripts except for thinks like deleting posts to forward correctly and the ajax actions.

    I really dislike ajax, especially when it’s used where it’s not needed.

    Prototype is being phased out in both wp and bb I think, in favour for jQuery (18 kB).

    I really like Ajax. o/ Where in bb is it being used where it’s not needed? If you’ve got a better implementation, make it and submit on trac (or just propose on trac).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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