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WordPress MU on Multiple Domains Integrated With bbPress on a Different Domain

  • Hello to all :)

    I have multiple WP blogs on different domains. I would like to unite all of them in one WP MU installation. I know it’s possible and I think I can manage to pull that of.

    After that, I would like to install bbPress on another domain. Is it possible to connect all of the WP MU domains users with the users at bbPress? So if someone registers at bbPress can log in at any WP MU domain, and vice versa.

    Actually I’m pretty sure that can be done, but I need to know how and if there would be any drawbacks to that solution? Will it remain stable and so on?


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    Provided you are talking about the integrated multisite solution and bbpress 2 (not the standalone versions): yes, that should work. In multisite mode, you always have one main site which holds all the users. All sites in the network work with this network-wide userbase, so a bbpress installation on any network site will also do so. :-)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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