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WordPress MU 2.7.1 and bbPress 1.0-RC integration problem

  • Hey,

    I’ve a problem with bbPress integration with WPMU. All installation steps going fine. I enter cookie integration fields, the same database, use default prefix’es, but nothing solves the problem.

    In 3 step of bbPress installation when I enter existing user “admin” in key master field it shows me an error – “The key master could not be created. An existing user was found with that user login.”. But even if I choose new user, forum installation ends fine but when trying to login, it redirects me to install wizard once again.

    With single install (without integration) bbPress works fine.

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  • Hey,

    I think I had the same problem. Did you get the message “Forum could not be created” when you chose a new username?

    I just installed without integration and integrated afterwards. This killed my admin access, but I could restore it with the plugin which was mentioned in some of the sticky threads.

    Both installs now successfully share the user database, but I am still fighting with cookie integration… *sigh*



    Hi Florian,

    there was no problem with “Forum could not be created” in my case.

    Manoj Kumar in BuddyPress forum helped me with this problem, here is the solution:

    1. Delete all tables created by bbPress from your database

    2. Install bbPress without integration with wordpress

    3. Login with Key Master

    4. Go to admin tab

    5. Do wordpress integration

    here is the link

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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