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WordPress Integration

  • Monkeyboy


    I know there’s a few threads on WordPress integration, whereby WP and bbPress share users in the database. But I was thinking of doing it another way, prior to launching my site, and wondered if others had done it.

    Basically, I would turn off registration for WordPress. No users can register using WordPress, ever. Instead, the registration process is just handled by bbPress.

    What I would then need to do, is have a bbPress login in the header of my WP blog. The comments for a post in WP would be handled by bbPress. I would probably have to create a bbPress thread manually, then link to it from the WP post, or somehow integrate it into the WP post.

    Is it possible to include a bbPress thread in a WP post, if you know the thread id? I would probably tie the thread id to the relevant post using a custom field in WP, then grab it in my WP template.

    Does this make sense? I hope so. :)

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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