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WordPress Functions

  • deadlyhifi


    Functions (optional)

    …In order to do it, you need to put require_once(‘path/to/wp-blog-header.php’); in bbPress’ bb-config.php (wp-blog-header is in the same directory as WordPress’ wp-config.php file).

    Doing this will add quite a lot of weight to your bbPress installation as it will cause WordPress to load in it’s entirety. Your best option is to try to emulate the functionality you require inside a bbPress plugin.

    Adding wp-blog-header.php to my bb-config causes lots of functionality issues.

    Therefore has anyone made any of these plugins? I’m mostly looking to get wp_list_pages working.

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  • I am having a similair problem.

    I am requiring once wp-blog-header.php into bb-config as well, so I can call the headers and footers of my wp site. It is killing the ability to login.

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