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WordPress forum (BBPress) integration with MediaWiki, several issues…

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    I am currently using BBPress and will integrate it with MediaWiki.

    However, the problem is as my forum’s index is set to display as a shortcode on a page called ‘Forums’, which is set as my site’s homepage the breadcrumbs display as follows:

    Forums >> Forums >> Digital Terrestrial


    As you can see the second ‘forums’ link takes a user to the default BBPress Forum index (not my sites homepage). How can this second ‘Forums’ link be removed?

    The second issue is, as users are signing in via MediaWiki and will then be signed in to WordPress when they access the site automatically, how can I disable sign in via WordPress and registration, but still allow access to private messages and sign in via the wiki? The WP-Admin bar will also be hidden

    Another issue is that I do not know how to redirect users back to the wiki. I’ve though about placing a ‘Log in’ link in the site’s main navigation, which links to the wiki’s login page but I’m not sure how to redirect them back.

    Many thanks in advance,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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