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WordPress + BBpress plugin Permalinks

  • Hi all,

    I have searched the forums but can find nothing that discusses permalinks for the latest version install of WordPress and the BBpress plugin.

    This is the issue: I have set up WordPress and then installed the BBpress plugin via the plugin installer.

    I have added add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ ); to my theme and then built all the template pages required so that bbpress functions.

    Here is the issue which I need help with:

    With the Permalinks set to DEFAULT the integration works with no issues at all. However when I turn on pretty permalinks whilst the main forum page and topic pages work the USER and USER edit pages return a page not found.

    I have looking at the SINGLE SLUG area and adjusted but I just resolve the 404 errors for these particular areas.

    The one thing I did try is to set up a page called USER with he BBPRESS code. THis worked for the View page but not for the edit page.

    Any help appreciated.


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  • Ronileco


    Any new info about this one?
    I am suffering from a similar problem where my pretty URL: http://www.mysite/forum/users/User Name/ doesn’t work but http://www.mysite/forum/users/userId/ works great.

    How can i fix my permalink or should i change the code to use userID instead? maybe redirect through .htaccess file is the answer?

    John James Jacoby


    Not sure I understand the problem. Spaces aren’t valid in URLs unless they are encoded.



    Sorry for the long time it took me to respond.
    This is my problem:
    my bbpress uses permalinks and prettylinks which makes all the user links use the user name instead of ID.

    for example:
    this leads to 404.
    instead of (the user id)
    this leads to the user page.

    What should I change in my wordpress / bbpress in order to support those kind of links.
    I already set mod_rewrite but i guess some rules are missing or that i’m using something in the wrong way.

    I found the part in the code that handles this but I don’t want to change that to use id hard coded.

    Am i clear now?



    If you have access to your apache config, it is possible to use mod_alias and point Roni Cohen to userid 524.

    So if you mix it up with mod_rewrite, you redirect every link from 524 to Roni, and use mod_alias to point it back to 524.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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