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WordPress + bbPress Plugin + BuddyPress > Forums Setup

  • Ok, I am setting up a new configuration and here is what I have:

    WordPress v3.2.1

    bbPress Plugin for WordPress v2.0-rc-3

    BuddyPress Plugin for WordPress v1.2.9

    I am going through the setup of BuddyPress and on the section “BuddyPress > Forums Setup” you are presented with two options.

    “Setup a new bbPress installation”, which from previous experience seems to install bbPress with ONLY group functionality no categories, and “Use an Existing bbPress Installation”, which is what I’m trying to use.

    The configuration issue I’m coming to is the next step is to define the path to the bb-config.php file; however, when using the bbPress plugin, bb-config.php is not created as it uses wp-config for all of its standard settings (auth salts/keys, database connections, etc).

    So how do i continue with my current setup and have fully integrated WP + BP + bbP without sacrificing on bbPress features by installing it from within BP and without having to install the standalone bbPress (I’d prefer to only have one admin interface)?

    Any assistance from the pros would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I have the same configuration. Under “BuddyPress Component Setup”, I disabled bbPress forum.

    bb-config.php is only for standalone bbPress and not bbPress v2.0 plugin for WordPress.

    So what does one doofo make Buddypress and bbpress 2 speak to each other?

    Let’s assume were using Buddypress’s default theme.



    1. Install Buddypress 1.5 beta.

    2. Turn off the built-in forums in Buddypress or the two will fight over the “forums” slug.

    3. Turn on Buddypress Site Tracking component. This is specifically how Buddypress sees bbPress posts.

    4. Install bbpress 2.0

    That should be it.

    John James Jacoby


    Regarding: 2, bbPress allows for easy customizing of its slugs, so you can prevent them from colliding. Admin > Settings > Forums

    Regarding: 3, Site Tracking is only visible on Network Activated installations of BuddyPress. Otherwise it is on by default.



    That is a good point in that you can define other slugs to stop them from colliding. I just assumed that most people wouldn’t want two different forum implementations running at the same time with inconsistent experiences. But YMMV.

    And to clarify, by Network Activated, are you referring to a multi-site install? I’m not running WordPress MU and Site Tracking is visible to me. That may be a BuddyPress bug I need to submit.

    So is it possible to use any of the bbpress plug-ins e.g. for moderation, with a buddypress site? Not necessarily using the buddypress forums – could be site-wide forums, I don’t care.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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