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WordPress 4.7 capabilities issue

  • AITpro


    Hey guys,
    I have the most current version of bbPress installed: 2.5.11
    Just installed WordPress 4.7
    These Top Level menus are not being displayed due to a “capabilities” issue. Forums, Topic and Replies. ie I do not have sufficient permissions to view those menus or any bbPress menus anywhere.

    If I go to the WP Dashboard and click links in the metabox I see this error: Sorry, you are not allowed to edit posts in this post type. I will be looking at forums/capabilities.php and other capabilities.php files to see if I can figure this out, but just wanted to give you a Heads Up about this. Of course this could be isolated to my sites. I deactivated all other plugins and the same issue is still occurring. So it does appear to be an issue directly with bbPress capabilities.

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Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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