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wordpress 3.0 and bbpress

  • Digitalheavens


    Here my website Ive installed wordpress 3.0 and bbpress. It seems that a member of the website can’t be logged into the website and the forum at the same time? E.G. If a member logs in to see the free products and then goes over to the forum they have to log in again (using the same user name and password) Is this correct or a bug?

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    Does it work on your development/testing version?

    I read your posts elsewhere Kevin … top marks. You hit the nail right on the head many, many times. And you did not even start on the whole Buddypress angle.

    So what is the state of the nation… does WP3 and BBP do anything?



    How lovely of you to say. Especially after all those lovely things you’ve said about bbPress over on the BuddyPress forum. You are truly too kind.

    WP3 and bbPress play really nicely in my experience.

    So far, 29*** upgrades to WP3 done, and 4 have had issues above the usual ultra-minor things. Most of those have a bbPress forum attatched, 2 of them use deep integration and there’s a definate hit in loading but it plays real nicely.

    There is 1 new issue with Deeply Integrated WP3/bbP1 install, and thats with regisrtaion but: 1) there was a patch by Zaerl on the day this was found and 2) if you’re using a WP/bbP integrated website you should use WP for registration anyway.

    ***6 of those sites were running either a nightly or RC version anyway.


    To Specifics:

    I didn’t ask about BuddyPress because the Original Poster was kind enough to give us the URL in question, so I can see for myself it’s not a BuddyPress issue (i do actually make the effort).

    Given that WP3 has been out for a week, and we’ve had very very very few people telling us of integration issues (deep or normal), I’m quietly confident that there are few new integration issues. Previously we’ve had alot more posts in the last 4 WordPress upgrades – even in the first week.

    And as for my short question in reply… It’s important information. Its really difficult to give up time and effort to help out here when people can’t actually tell us what’s going on, or gone wrong. You’d be amazed at how simply the really intelligent folks here can solve the most complex of issues (and I’m def not one of them) once given actual information.

    If you come on these forums asking for help with a problem, make sure you say:

    • bbPress version:
    • Are you using default theme:
    • WordPress version:
    • Are you using default theme:
    • Are WP/bbP integrated:
    • Are WP/bbP Deep Integrated:
    • Using BuddyPress:
    • Using WordPressMU:
    • Using WordPress3 Multisite:
    • Is there an error message:
    • What is the error message:
    • What PHP version is your server on:
    • Did the issue occur as you installed something for the first time:
    • Did the issue occur after an upgrade:
    • What plugins are you using:
    • Are you using a paid for theme that came with special instructions:
    • What is the URL:
    • Can you include a screenshot along with a description:
    • Did you follow any specific tutorial?

    99/100 by giving us as much of the information as possible, someone here will be able to help.

    Is this correct or a bug?

    There is option 3: Human Error!

    Yah … if I did not care, and if I did not see the potential, I would not bother saying anything.

    My position has always been … for a LONG time … a grave disappointment that BBpress was the poor cousin of the Automattic family, kept starved and locked up in the basement.

    I know the amazing work of people like _ck_ etc trying to fix things but 100s of wasted hours over the years …. I know the reality too.

    Especially for those of us trying to support multi-language communities … which is a whole other bugbear.

    • So, excusing my unpaid exhaustion with it all … are these WP 3 MU sites you are talking about “playing nicely”?

    BB in BP is a whole other beast and I was interested to read it was going the way of a plugin … which I take to mean it will remain a very minimal device … versus the idea of ‘the community’ forking it as a new stand alone.

    • How that will stand up against myBB, Simple:Press, WP-United and others, makes me wonder if it is really the right choice for someone with $10,000,000 to go showing with.

    BP looks like a bad rail crash right now and is not for general users who have become accustomed to other standards (… or at least, a good looking train which has been involved in a a bad rail crash. Give it its dues.)



    are these WP 3 MU sites you are talking about “playing nicely”?

    I’ve no idea.

    WP3MS and WP2MU were never supported.

    It was always suggested that one should use Buddypress if using WPMU.

    How that will stand up against myBB, Simple:Press, WP-United and others

    As much as it’s not what I want, it will stand up favourably due to being availible as a custom one click install for users. There are also many people that use WordPress that have it installed via sopme form of control panel from their web host, for them a 1 click integration will be massive.

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