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WordPress 2.5 is live… now for bbPress 0.9?

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  • I’m upgrading as we speak. I hope 0.9 comes out soon aswell. I hope they’ve improved Admin CP and features. And hopefully got rid of the whole send password in an e-mail thingy because that is one of the reasons I moved away from bbPress. MyBB 1.4 is in Public BETA and it is 10x better then bbPress. Hopefully 0.l9 will have major improvements.

    I am sure the team with have bbPress out very shortly – afterall WP2.5 was only just released.

    @MUN33B: As far as I can tell from the nightly build I have been using, the sending password to email is still the default setting for bbPress (as it is with WordPress). In terms of comparing it to MyBB (which is a great bit of software – the team should be proud) it’s a bit hard – bbPress is intended to be a lightweight forum solution, minimal on features but highly customisable – where at software like MyBB tends to have all the features built in.

    Well that’s my 2 cents anyway ;)

    ^ I suppose you’re right in a way but certainly more feature should be allowed for it. I’m just praying to god someone finds a way to get rid of the password in an e-mail thingy. Lets hope it is released soon…

    They’ve a bit slow with releasing the new 0.9 version ;)

    Just a shot in the dark, but I’m guessing the new is using an updated version of bbPress. Looks new-ish! (has gravatar support, etc)

    Some thing like this !? ;-)

    I think already had Gravatar support for quite a long time, but I’m also interested, if they do run 0.9 by now? :)



    Well that was a sneaky WordPress release.

    They usually seem to wait for Mondays.

    If you don’t want to wait for the formal official release of bbPress 0.9 , this is technically 0.9 beta (or release candidate) directly from the trac/svn:

    You’ll need it to match the new password method in WordPress 2.5

    There are a TON of subtle (and not so subtle) bug fixes in bbPress 0.9 – Sam and MDA have been hard at work.

    Disappointingly that build does not feature a redesigned admin – is this not in the pipeline? It would be nice if it matched the new WP style!

    Any update on a release date for 0.9?

    bbPress 0.9 is imminent.

    We will do some final testing against the final release of WordPress 2.5 first though.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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