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WordPress 2.2 is out! Any news about bbPress!

  • WordPress 2.2 is out.

    The team worked hard so they finally moved to jQuery wich I think is one of the major feature in 2.2 version. I wonder if bbPress will follow his cousin? By the way, is there any news about bbPress… Any secrets revealing?

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  • Yup. I think it is, I heard about it in the context of bb a while back. No news, no secrets, although there seems to be some code for view management in the bb-includes which may mean that a proper views system will be introduced (… sometime).

    The TRAC version already uses jQuery.

    Our TRAC development has come to a grinding halt, so I can assume that mdawaffe has been crazy busy on other Automattic projects and we went to the backburner! So10 and Sam might be working on things, but we haven’t had any commits in almost a month…..hopefully soon!


    Thanks for comments guys, I was just wondering how are the things going in bbPress camp, by the way I suppose the paying attention to this project is growing day by day so I can wish you nothing but luck… Ooh, and thanks of course.

    Sam Bauers


    Things certainly seem to be quiet. I’m also guessing that mdawaffe is busy with WordPress work, I saw a few notes mentioning him in some of the recent WordPress commits.

    I haven’t been doing much bbPress work recently either, I’ve been too busy on another open source project that is actually my full-time employment. I only have one outstanding ticket on the bbPress dev site without a patch attached (I don’t have commit access), and I have already developed a plugin for that. I only pick up tickets that interest me though, and none have come up recently that I have liked the looks of and thought I could commit time to.

    I do plan to hit the documentation site with a few more updates soon though.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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