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Wishlist Member Participant can’t edit forum post

  • YoWangdu



    I am using Wishlist Member(WLM) to protect my BBPress forum. My members cannot edit their posts, though they are attempting to do so well within the 60 minute editing time limit. They get this error from WLM, ““You are here: Home / Oops! Wrong Membership Level

    Oops! Wrong Membership Level
    The content you’re trying to view is for members of a different course.
    We welcome you to join all of our courses!”

    Can anyone help?

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  • This sounds like it’s a Wishlist Member issue not a bbPress issue.

    Does WLM have any documentation on using WLM with bbPress?
    (All I could find was

    As it is a paid plugin I don’t have access to it, I assume you get official support from WLM as you have paid for it though.



    Thanks Stephen. I’m assuming, for no good reason, that the issue is at the intersection of the two. I also posted the question at WLM. Documentation very sparse as the ability to use WLM with BBPress is relatively new. I did a fair number of Google searches with no luck. One reason I think it is BBPress because it is specifically the edit function. Everything else seems to work fine. In BBPress, does someone have to be a particular user level to edit? My WLM members are all set at a “Participant” level of user, which is pretty low in the WLM hierarchy.

    Sorry, but the bbPress team has no access to WLM whatsoever, we cannot do anything about it.

    If WLM state they support bbPress and bbPress’ roles and capabilities implementation then they should document that and help their _paying_ customers.




    It might be the problem, that the membership levels are not assigned to forums, topics or replies.
    You should manually add the levels, maybe this solves your issue.

    In case you don´t want to do that manually, try this plugin: wishlist-member-bbpress-protection

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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