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WishList Member blocking topic content

  • Michael Macliver


    Wordpress: 3.5.1
    bbPress: 2.2.4
    Wishlist: 2.71

    Does anyone have this versions of bbPress working with Wishlist Member? Topic contents are not being displayed. I suspect it is a bug in the Wishlist Member protection logic. Strangely topic replies are being displayed.

    If I change the users role to Administrator, topic contents appear again. But other backend protection changes do not work.

    Any help or advice gratefully received.

    Wishlist Members advice is to use Simple:Press but I’d much rather stick with bbPress.


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  • This is definitely an issue with Wishlist, sorry but you’ll need to raise the issue with them.

    Sounds like you might have already done that, but their answer seems pretty lack luster.

    Michael Macliver


    Thanks. Yes I’ve been working hard on the WishList front but I thought someone over here might have found/created a solution.

    I’m just creating a new web site so I have some flexibility. If you had an older version of bbPress and Wishlist working on an existing site you’d be stuck.

    Are you set on using Wishlist or do you have the option of switching?

    Michael Macliver


    No too much time and effort (and a few dollars) spent with Wishlist now to change it. bbPress has only just been added, so although I’d prefer to stick with bbPress I might be forced to go with Simple:Press.

    Sam Rohn


    s2member works great w bbpress, it is the only wordpress membership plugin i could find that supports both paypal subscriptions & wordpress user roles, and works well with plugins like user role editor and justin tadlocks’s members which allow assigning custom capabilities to wordpress user roles



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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