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widget context – are forum topics same as posts?

  • m-one


    I’m using Widget Context to manage sidebars on my site. If I set a widget to appear on Blog Index and All posts it appears in my forum sidebar (which I don’t want). I’m trying to work out why this is so my first question is – are bbpress forum topics classed / managed as posts? and are forum indexes classed the same as blog indexes/archives?

    This might explain why Widget Context treats them as such.

    Many thanks.

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  • Robin W


    the answer is probably yes – a forum post is a post

    You might do better to install bbPress WP Tweaks Widget Logic plugin which gives you a forum specific sidebar

    alternately (or additionally) use widget logic where you can use code like is_bbpress()or the negative !is_bbpress()to control where widgets are shown

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