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Why Was I Bozoed?

  • I registered last night and asked for some help dealing with integration and I was bozoed. :-(

    It’s not hard to figure out something isn’t right when you can only see the thread you made after you log in yet you can see everyone else without.

    I searched to find some rule I violated but I can’t. There are no private messages here and no emal address so this is my only option to find out what I did wrong.

    My name was TechnoKelvin. What did I do?

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  • chrishajer


    I am going to guess it’s because of the number of times you put your URL in the post. I think I counted eleven in one post. Also, both posts are identical (I think, from a quick look at them.) They were both marked as spam, probably automatically by Akismet. Not sure how bozo happens after that. But that would be my guess. URL overused in the post.

    Ohhh. That makes sense! I’ll rewire the post without the URL’s then.

    Thanks for the insight!



    Hi Chris,

    As someone who has suffered from mysteriously disappearing posts before i feel i should ask, do you think BBpress should in some way tell the user when something like this happens?



    Askimet might bozo you automatically if you’ve been bozo’ed elsewhere.

    Personally I disable the bozo part entirely – I had Sam make it a plugin so it’s really easy now.



    I’m with _ck_ – I just disable akismet and the bozo thing. I dont trust either of them for bbPress (Bad Behaviour either, for that matter.)

    Regarding letting the user know: I don’t really have an opinion on it. I am sort of used to the way WordPress commenting works: if the blog moderates comments, then your comment is shown if you still have the cookies, but it normally says “waiting for moderation” or something. It’s not visible if the blog doesn’t know it’s you coming back (or to other visitors). I never expected a site to tell me that my comment was marked as spam, and I guess I don’t expect bbPress to do that either.



    TechnoKelvin: also, you could try using instead of your real URL, unless you need someone to see your site, then just use the actual site URL once. I wonder if akismet is smart enough to not mark as spam posts with in them 10 times? Worth a shot…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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