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Why to upgrade bbpress–what of my users & plugins?

  • I’m running bbpress 1.0.1 and I am hesitant to upgrade because I don’t know what it will do to my plugins (most of which have been abandoned by their authors) and I’m not sure why I should upgrade. Plus, with the rumor of a bbpress plugin for wordpress coming out, I’m concerned about the future of this version of bbpress. Maybe you guys can answer some questions for me.

    Here is my bbpress so you can see where I’m at:

    1) Will my users, plugins, databases and themes all still work find and dandy if I upgrade? Is there an easier way to upgrade aside, like there is with wordpress?

    2) These are my current plugins. Does anyone know any incompatability with them and the current version of bbpress?:

    adsense for bbpress

    after the deadline

    ajaxed quote


    allow images


    bb-no spam user

    bb-scripture links

    bbcode buttons toolbar

    bbcode light

    bb cumulus

    bb pm

    bbpress signatures

    bb topic views

    bb video

    bozo users

    facebook like


    members online

    mini stats

    post count plus

    post count pluss for wordpress

    project honey pot for bbpress

    reputation (karma) for bbpress

    social it

    subscribe to topic

    unread posts

    3) When/if this new bbpress plugin comes out, will there be a way to convert my bbpress installation into teh plugin or otherwise make it compatable?

    Thanks bunches all!

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  • chrishajer


    I think the best thing to do in your case would be a test installation of the latest trunk release of bbPress (not the packaged 1.0.2 release.) There’s no way to know if all that is going to work on the latest version of bbPress, but I suspect most of it will.

    I would copy over your database, then install bbPress with subversion. Then copy over your template and plugins. Then test. If it all works, then go ahead and upgrade your 1.0.1 installation.

    Regarding when bbPress becomes a WordPress plugin, it doesn’t really matter. Use what works for you (right now, that’s a standalone installation, as you have here.) That code you have installed is never going away. If a time comes in the future where you can move to bbPress as a WordPress plugin, then go ahead and do it. But use what works for now and don’t wait for any version coming in the future.



    To check out via subversion:

    svn co ./testdirectory



    If you’re running bbPress1.0.1, bbPress1.0.2 is a very minor upgrade (less than 100 lines of code) and include some bug fixes.

    bbPress1.0.3 / bbPress1.1 shouldn’t break that many plugins. My last trunk download caused some theme issues (minor), but up until the end of April there it was stable and looking might fine.

    I strongly suggest you make a local copy of your current forum, and install the latest version from the trunk; and test against your plugins. Given the list that you have, there’s a good chance some may fail; and others like “Subscribe to Topic” won’t really be needed.

    When/if this new bbpress plugin comes out, will there be a way to convert my bbpress installation into teh plugin or otherwise make it compatable?

    None of us have any idea. Matt announced that the bbPress plugin was going to happen in January, then left the project. Any other information you can garnish from the WordPress blogs updates will give you more information than people involved with this project have been given.

    Either way, i’m not panicing. Just irked by the lack of communication, as you’re not alone in asking, and i feel for the bbPress users who are in a form of limbo.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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