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Why not stick to “theme”

  • intellivision


    …like in WordPress? The additional use of “template” will tend to divide and confuse, no?

    Like how, across software, plugins are either “mods”, “modules”, “extensions” or “addons”.

    Now’s the time! We can still consolidate the concept into one term.

    I’m splitting hairs, I know ;-). bbPress is wonderful. Thanks so much to the developers. I’m a phpBB veteran (admin), and bbPress is so nice I want to cry.

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  • I kinda agree, on this forum they use templates, it should be themes, though templates is accurate too



    I personally don’t think this is a big issue. I had to change my brain to think of templates as themes in WordPress, so it doesn’t matter much to me. What they’re called is much less important than how they’re managed and modified.



    I agree that how they work is more important. But having used phpBB, where they call plugins “mods” — easily confused with “moderator” — now is the time to simplify. That’s just an example of how terms can be misunderstood.

    Newbies will be using this software every day for 1, 5, even 12 years. Every 10th or 100th newbie will waste a 1/2 hour because of the theme/template overlap disconnect, and you’ll come up with a ton of unnecessary hair-pulling-outing.

    I guess my point is with all the elegance and simplicity inherent in bbPress, why leave this confusion?



    I think template is simple enough, it’s just different :)

    I also personally feel “template” is more ‘correct’ than “theme”. Unlearning “template” when starting with WordPress was hard.

    I think bbPress is correct, and WordPress is wrong.

    Also, if you’ve ever used K2 with WordPress, you know that they have something called schemes which are pure CSS modifications to change the look. To confuse things even more, the “schemes” in K2 are in a folder called “styles.”

    sorry for all the edits …

    Well to create a theme, you use templates. Theme is something like a categorie for templates.

    Like theme: newspaper. This will contain al templates with this theme (categorie). Beause these are used criss-cross is the reason it gets “confusing”…



    To throw in my two cents… I personally would lean towards “themes.” My reasoning: since one of the biggest parts of bbPress is the WordPress integration, I believe bbPress and WordPress oughta use the same lingo for that. If a template author wants to do matching templates for bb and WordPress he’ll have to have the “Blank Theme” for WordPress and the “Blank Template” for bbPress. To me this adds to the confusion, and since WordPress has been around and people are used to theme, why make them have to learn more lingo?

    I agree with bbolman here

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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