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Why no "unread POSTS" plugin

  • Ted Thompson


    I’ve seen threads about this, some a year old. There are folks who want it, there are those who have written plugins, but still none shows unread POSTS.

    The best we’ve gotten is “Unread TOPICS”, despite the name unread posts in a few plug ins.

    What is it about tracking individual posts (as in topics and their replies), rather then just topics, that is prohibitive?

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  • Jared Atchison


    It’s a limitation of WordPress.

    bbPress does not use anything not native to WordPress. All the functionality is accomplished with custom post types, taxonomies, post meta, user meta, etc – it works really well.

    However there are some features, such as this, that just can’t easily be done within the confines for the WordPress schema. I’ve talked to JJJ before about this, and it’s just not something that can easily be done without performance hit or using custom tables, neither of which are really ideal for bbP core.

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