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Why my Widgets is showing on page at the bottom should not be there

  • dailydose


    Currently on Bwater that I customized. I’m on bbPress Version 2.1.2 tried to find what version I am on, on WordPress but can’t seem to find, but do know that Im getting Updates to Update to the WordPress Version : 3.4.2 So take it I am on the old one. I don’t want to Update as I’m Petrofied of loosing all my hard Work that’s took me a year to do, and states in my Update’s that if I do Update, I will loose all my Customizations. RIGHT.. Hoping ANYONE can help me out on this one, I have sat for 4 whole Day’s and Nights trying to figure this out, and has now given up 🙁 I have not toched any bbPress css or has edited it in anyway to say in advance. There seems to be 2 Issues wrong. The Layout.
    When I choose the bbPress Default compat theme, The top half is fine, but when we get to the Create New Topic in: section it’s half Cut off you cant even see the Submit button. Widgets are showing fine though.
    I’m not to fussed about having set by default but would like to have it as a full page width, which I have done followed all Instructions! of even going into my Page setting the page attributes to Full-Width-no-sidebar Option. Then changed to the Twenty Ten (bbPress) plugin theme which made it Full width, but my Avatar is placed right at the Top Left hand of my page which is odd, and my Widgets are on the page also, which shouldn’t be there if I have set the page to full width. also the Widgets are @ the bottom of my page but scatterd all over my Forum ughhh. I have read through all of the Forums regarding this matter (Topic) Tried for myself but still does not look right. Please can ANYONE be so kind to help me on this matter PLEASE. Cant sit for another 4days trying to figure this out very frustrating really, and a Shame as I really like this bbPress its the only theme that looks nice on my site. Now if I can only get it to work! I have tried absolutly everything before coming to the forum unless absolutly ness.
    any step by step code help as I am not that savvy with all codes as of yet but know alittle.
    Link to the page it’s on

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