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Why is bbpress not using mediaelements.js

  • jaroslawistok


    Since are buddypress and bbpress now cooperating I thing there is more compatibility in their Plugins. When I put a media Link to buddypress wall it shows in player (Video and audio).

    But bbpress only has an option to embed media which maybe even mostly work but on buddypress the media link than appears as code (Video scr = ….and so).

    Why doesn’t bbpress use just mediaelements.js script as core from WP and maybe ads oEmbed instead?

    There is no possible to have similar design in both.

    eather buddypress shows links in Player or bbpres.
    Any Idea?

    Also there is a problem to have this also in comments.

    jetpack makes also codes. It shows it in player but in buddypress stream again (video src=…)

    Is there any solution to have media Links and embedded elements in the same way on buddypress, bbpress and comments?

    Thankfully for any Idea :o)

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