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Why does this site get spammed back to the stone age every night?

  • Bryan Eggers


    It’s not a very good sign to potential users that the main bbPress site has no control over spammers and gets three pages of spam every night. How about installing Akismet or one of the other spam-blockers?

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  • John James Jacoby


    I can assure you, Akismet is installed and running. The problem is that we get hit so incredibly hard all day long, that the small percentage that make it through is still considerably large and very annoying.



    Install re-captcha and the bots will get lost:)

    EDIT: perhaps you can limit the creation of topics in the backend.
    For example, the admin can choose in the backend whether or not if users should have topic creations limits:

    * No limit
    * Allow only X topic creations / hour, where X is chooseable.

    Sam Rohn


    just out of curiosity, does run anything like Wanguard, Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin, etc to deal w the bots that flood this site 4 times a day ?

    i use wanguard on my much smaller bbpress site and it does an excellent job of keeping bots out, but i know this site sees way more traffic than mine…



    Not just this site but also the forums… I wonder what they have in common? 😉

    I see spam as I post!

    Sam Rohn


    more mods to clean it up regularly would be good too, there are currently over 70 spam posts from just one user borking the first 5 pages of this forum and they have been there for about 12 hours, all forums are prone to be spammed but this is a bit much…

    Right now it just happened that a handful of the mods are out for SXSW so it was a little slow.

    Normally the spam attacks are cleared within an hour. Anytime you happen to see a spam explosion feel free to alert me on twitter @jaredatch.

    John James Jacoby


    Sign-ups are disabled here. They come in via, and having no role here yet, they post, and Akismet seems to miss a bunch of them in waves.

    Joe Dostie


    Is there anywhere to report a potential SPAM account? As a new contributor it would be nice to report and account that I think is SPAM. We could take control as a team.

    This account appears to be SPAMMING with the real information behind it…

    womper (@womper)

    I looked at all their replies and they are all similar with a link in them.

    I’m thinking this would be a good opportunity for a plug in…

    Imagine if several people “voted” that you were a suspected SPAMMER
    Your account could be locked unless you went to a RECATCHA page or something like that.

    Just a thought….

    In my opinion, I wouldn’t take bbPress being SPAMED as a bad sign…that would be like blaming the rape victim because she dressed so pretty…its the SPAMMERS fault, not bbPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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