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Why Does 2.5.11+ Have Such a Big Jump in WordPress Requirements?

  • ljmac



    Before I begin, please don’t lecture me on why I should always use the latest WordPress version – let’s just say that I’m very well aware of all the usual arguments, but I’ve got a mountain of much better reasons why I don’t want to ‘upgrade’. And 3.7+ get all security updates anyway.

    Anyway, I am currently successfully running 2.5.10 on WordPress 3.7.19. In the release notes for 2.5.11 you updated the minimum requirements from 3.6 to 4.2, and on the plug-in page specifies 4.7! Why does such a minor point release require such a huge jump in requirements? The only issue I have with 2.5.10 is the 3.8+-style icons (which would only require a minimum of 3.8 anyway).

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  • John James Jacoby


    WordPress 4.7 changed the way that the logged-in user is loaded. More specifically, it changed the execution point in the code, in such a way, that bbPress needed a change to meet the new requirement.



    Thanks for the info. I guess this is an example of why I don’t upgrade WordPress – in order to add some feature that will probably be of little use to the vast majority of users, they break compatibility with what will probably be a boatload of plug-ins (given how fundamental this change is). Well done Automatic.

    Oh BTW, would 2.5.11 work okay with 3.7?

    I view this from the opposite direction @ljmac, bbPress is one of the leading, if not forerunner plugin on pushing the boundaries of WordPress’ user roles, the changes WordPress made benefit bbPress greatly. It also wasn’t an easy decision to make, we’d wanted a couple of changes in WordPress for a few years now, now we got a change that we wanted, we just had to make the decision as to if we should break back compatibility, and we concluded the pros outweighed the cons.

    To answer your question though, yes bbPress 2.5.11 should work on WordPress 3.7

    p.s. WordPress development has nothing to do with Automattic, Automatic host WordPress sites on WordPress and is an open source project with many contributors world wide.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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