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white text on white background on bbpress forum reply

  • thedhc


    Hi folks,

    I am running WordPress 4.5.2 with the following plugins:

    Active Plugins: (21)
    – Activity Log 2.2.12
    – Basic User Avatars 1.0.3
    – bbP private groups 3.2.0
    – bbPress 2.5.9
    – bbPress Advanced Statistics 1.3.13
    – bbPress Pencil Unread 1.0.9
    – bbP Toolkit 1.0.6
    – Blizzard Quotes 1.3
    – BlizzBlueWidget 4.0
    – Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd 5.0.2
    – Login With Ajax 3.1.6
    – Pollka polls 2.0
    – WordPress System Report 1.0.1
    – World of Warcraft Recruitment Widget 1.1.5
    – WoW Guild Armory Roster 0.4.3
    – WoWHead Tips 3.0.1
    – WoW Progress 1.5.1
    – WP-Mail-SMTP 0.9.5
    – WPFront User Role Editor 2.12.4
    – WP reCaptcha Integration 1.1.10
    – WYSIWYG Widgets / Widget Blocks 2.3.5

    The theme used is Legion Zero.

    In my bbpress forum when i want to reply to a message you get the editor just like on this forum. I hit the link button:

    And i am faced with a white popup background and white-ish text which is too hard to read as shown below:

    I am unable to find which CSS this is causing so i can change it. I can only find the background of the bit where it says “Insert/edit link” and this is in wp-includes/css/editor.min.css and exact value is #link-modal-title which is set to #fcfcfc.

    The part below it, i cannot find.

    Can anyone assist me?

    Cheers :)!

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