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White screen "Blocked"

  • Divine_Apex


    It seems a few of my users when trying to log in or register an account are directed to a white screen that says “Blocked”. It seems to go away eventually, but this has been an on-going issue. I notice it happens when they try using the short-code pages I’ve made, but not so much on the meta links. I don’t seem to get this issue but I am getting many complaints. Also, it seems like this may be related to plugins as I removed certain ones after a complaint and it seemed to fix this issue for a bit, but now it’s back.

    Any idea what’s going on?

    My site:

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  • cooshtee


    I am encountering exactly the same issue as Divine_Alex

    It’s working fine on my iMac but on my iPad I sporadically get the white screen saying blocked when you try and login or register via the shortcode pages.

    My client gets the white screen on PC and Mac desktops sporadically too.

    The inconsistency makes it very hard to debug.

    I’ve tried turning off all plugins.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Site URL is:


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