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Which wordpress template file gets used by BBPress plugin?

  • I’m experimenting with the BBPress plugin on a pre-existing WordPress site and I cannot figure out which template file is used to display the forum.

    I’ve tried creating a new page and using shortcode to make the forum appear on that page, then assigning different templates. This seems to have no effect.

    Does anyone know how the BBPress plugin decides which template file to use when displaying the forum?

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  • I’ve done some more experimenting and it appears that page.php is the template file determining the appearance of the forum page. Is there a way to change this?



    can you tell me what changes you have made and what is the content of the config.php exactly

    My wp-config.php file is untouched.

    There’s one leftover line of code from when I was running the free-standing version of BBPress:

    define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/my/root/directory’ );

    But I don’t think this should effect the theme at all.



    my forum is also inheriting some traits from the default theme, ignoring others, etc. basically a giant mess, as i’m using a custom theme & custom framework.

    If you’ve installed BBPress as a plugin (as I have), I think this is the more or less the intended behavior. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation yet, but I assume it’s supposed to act like other plugins, which should piggy-back on the current theme for their appearance. The problem I’m having is that I can’t figure out how to control this.

    Small update: through trial and error I’ve determined that the “page.php” template is what’s getting used for the forum page (no matter what is assigned to the page containing the shortcode). It seems like this is somehow hardcoded into the plugin, which is too bad. It shouldn’t be hard for it to check the assigned template of the page containing the shortcode.




    Check #2

    I have no personal experience using shortcodes as I prefer having total control. What I can say is that after adding all the bbpress templates to your own theme folder and adding in the theme support function, then you have absolute total control over how you want everything to appear.


    This explains a lot! I had not copied the bbpress theme files into my wordpress theme directory. So now it makes a lot of sense that it would default to the page.php template. (I was editing the bbpress template file while they were still inside the plugins directory.) I’ll try adding the bbpress template files into my current directory. Thanks so much!



    Iv’e copied all the defult files to my theme dir, but it’s still go to page.php.
    Have you solved this?



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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