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which page?

  • mostafaqanbari


    is there a way to understand which page is active? i created something for my bbpress forum that is different for some of my bbpress pages, i want to know where am i so i can change that thing for that particular page.

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  • Can you give a more through example? Do you want to detect when you’re on a single forum? A specific topic?



    i installed bbpress inside buddypress and i created a menu for my system(i’m creating a forum like a vanilla forum[exactly like that! even better!]). but i have to change some features of my menu in different pages. in a simple not recommended way i can have my menu codes in every single page. but i can have it in a more modular way! in this case i can have a function who checks which page i’m in so call the particular menu for current active page. i mean sth like this:

    if (active page is profile page) 
         codes for profile page menu 
    else if (active page is topics page) 
         codes for topics page menu

    I’m sure there is, but I’m not aware of a ready to use function.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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