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Which Files control the basic layout?

  • enderpal444


    Is there some type of guide that shows which template files control what of the basic forum setup. I was trying to figure this out just by removing the breadcrumbs line from different php files but it never removes anything. Can you supply me with some basics like which file controls the…

    Forum lists

    Topic lists

    Topic page

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  • danoman


    I’m also searching for that!

    Please tell if you find one.

    I want to know to ! Can some body share more informations for us ?



    Yeah, I’ve been searching for an answer for hours.

    Found that they are supposed to be in:


    You might try that!

    For me, if I try to change anything in the template files I find there, nothing happens. But perhaps it’s because I’m not using twentyten, but a childtheme to bp-default.

    I’ve also tried with:


    but with no result.

    Yep I’m looking for this too!

    I’ve themed bbpress fine but can’t find any template for the forum list page (when you click forums in the breadcrumbs) – i want it to look the same as my forum index.

    Or i want to change the breadcrumbs so that the word forums points to the forum index (which i should in my opinion anyway)

    Please help anyone!

    I think bbpress should have a common platform stating the functions and features of each and every file and also how can we manipulate each file to get different results.


    I agree with soumen_123, everything on this site ssems to be outdated and refer to the old bbpress, not version 2+

    However if you want to find functions you can look through the files located plugins/bbpress/includes, they are named and organised very well.



    I also agree with smell-beg because I have read that stuff over internet.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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