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Where you can see bbpress update changes

  • Danishsard


    Hello, where can you see what code and file changes are made in each bbpress update?

    I have a forum on bbpress but if the update is manual changes to the code will be lost – I want to see where the code changes during each update.

    My page template has something such that I always see what code and where it changes on the wordpress page in bbpress, I don’t know where to look for such information if you wanted to manually paint it in the template. I am asking for help.

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  • Robin W


    if you mean the files in /templates then you can amend these and put them in your child theme

    You can copy all the templates across, but you only need to copy those that you want to change, and it is better just to do this, as then you know which you have altered.

    so if you wanted to amend loop-single-forum you would do the following

    create a directory on your theme called ‘bbpress’
    ie wp-content/themes/%your-theme-name%/bbpress

    where %your-theme-name% is the name of your theme

    Make a copy of this file, and put in in the directory called bbpress that you created above, so you end up with
    bbPress will now use this template instead of the original
    and you can amend this

    Robin W


    but in general terms, then no you cannot see a list of changes



    I mean if where is the list of changes published bbpress codes to know what codes are where found in what line changed etc.

    For example, the page template has visible changes

    Is somewhere the same thing about bbpress?

    Robin W


    sorry, no idea 🙁

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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