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Where to get the theme of "" for v1.0.1?

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  • I was wondering the same thing…the default theme that comes with bbpress is not nearly as nice as this one

    Rohan Kapoor


    They won’t be giving away the theme. It was custom made for this site.

    So much for giving back to the community lol



    Rohan is wrong.

    It’s available at bbShowcase:

    Look for the “bbOrg” theme.

    There’s also a similar version called “The Hybrid / aka Kakumei Too”

    They’re probably not updated for bbPress v1.01 though, but with a few adjustments you could probably get there.

    Rohan Kapoor


    I thought the plan wasn’t to give it away? Such as with the

    Please don’t download the copy from as it still has a reference to the Anarchy Media plugin for wordpress in the header.php line 19 which needs to be removed. Since I was getting a call for every single page view for every single hit to every single site using it, the cheapest bandwidth was protecting the site. That being said, I have a copy that does work fine at:





    Sorry about that Trent, I had only posted the theme as you left it.

    I’ve now updated it with your newer copy so you don’t get hit with the hotlink.

    It was my own stupidity. I never realized the hotlink until it was too late ;) Thanks again

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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