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Where is the bbpress Dashboard?

  • Hi,

    This sounds pretty dumb and I feel dumb asking it but where is the Dashboard for bbpress?

    I’ve integrated the wp site with bb using this plug in

    I cannot any way of controlling bbpress in my WP dashboard and I when I log into my bb-login.php it doesn’t show any bbpress dashboard.

    Am I missing something right before my eyes?

    Nice easy one for you hotshots – Help appreciated.

    (I feel like one of those cases that use their CD tray as a mug holder)

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  • zaerl


    bbPress isn’t a WordPress plugin but a standalone software.

    The administration panel of bbPres is at /bb-admin



    You cannot control bbPress from inside WordPress, so that one’s easy.

    you have to go to

    Thanks for clearning that up.

    I tried going to /bb-login.php/ but didn’t work.

    All sorted now.

    I’m having an issue along the same vain. I know where the bb-admin is but when I go to the URL it forwards me back to the main page.

    In other words:

    I enter

    and it forwards me to

    So I can’t think of a way to get to the admin area…



    When you log in to your forum, as keymaster or administrator, the link for administration will be present. Until you are logged in with permissions, accessing bb-admin directly like that will just keep redirecting you to the forum home.

    If you are already logged in but trying to access bb-admin, chances our the user account you are using is not the keymaster or administrator.

    Did you integrate with WordPress?

    It was giving me the “Admin” link along the top and when ever I pressed it, it would always forward me back to the forum home. But I just went to look again and now it works….

    Strange (or maybe not).

    I think maybe I hadn’t finished the wordpress integration completely? Seems to be working now.

    Thanks :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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