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where is edit-form.php used?

  • Nola1974


    I’m trying to add the imageshack toolbar to my edit form, and I added it under the “post_content” field in edit-form.php but it’s not showing up anywhere.

    It worked when I just stuck it at the bottom of post-form.php, under the part about “Enter a few words (called tags)”

    I see a second “post_content” field in post-form.php … is this redundant code?

    It seems like this edit form should just be in edit-form.php and therefore changes only need to be made there and called when necessary (add presented as such depending on if it’s a reply/new post/edit/etc…

    Also, when trying to add it to the Reply form (in topic.php) I see a call to post_form();.

    Logic (in my mind) would have it that this function is in the file called post-form.php – which I’ve already added the toolbar too, as well as added it to edit-form.php.

    So where is this post_form(); located? :)

    (I”m really not trying to be a pain in the butt!)

    BTW, this is the imageshack toolbar:

    <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="300" height="90" allowtransparency="true"> You must have an iframe-compatable browser to view the upload form.</iframe>

    You can see it in action on when you create a new post, but no where else.

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