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Where do I find/modify theme/childtheme?

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    WP 3.9.1
    Theme TwentyTen

    I need to add this snippet of code to my functions file in theme/childtheme. The problem is that I haven’t found anything in Documentation telling me where theme/childtheme is. Also will this be overwritten during the next bbPress update?
    This is the documentation I was given to modify and insert the following code but it assumes that I know where to put it. Help please.

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    I’m trying to change how my breadcrumbs look

    function mycustom_breadcrumb_options() {
    // Home - default = true
    $args['include_home'] = false;
    // Forum root - default = true
    $args['include_root'] = false;
    // Current - default = true
    $args['include_current'] = true;

    return $args;

    add_filter('bbp_before_get_breadcrumb_parse_args', 'mycustom_breadcrumb_options'

    Auriel Kitsu

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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